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The Australian Waste Database (AWD) was a joint effort between CSIRO and the Department of Environment and Heritage. The AWD was developed in response to the need to provide a monitoring mechanism for Commonwealth and State waste minimization policies and to addressing next generation waste management strategies.

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Viewing reports

AWD provides an overview of the waste management scenario in various regions of Australia. Specifically, it

* Provides a national Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Classification System

* Provides a Guidance Manual for Solid Waste Composition Studies.

* Provides data on Waste generation and Disposal in Australia for both Urban Solid Waste and Manifested Hazardous Waste.

Standard reports are provided via Reports in the panelbar.

Standard Reports are generated from the data mainly provided by the State EPAs and Waste Authorities. The ongoing development of the Database is thus, essentially dependent upon the availability of the data inputs from these organisations.